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ETS And Reversals Discussion Forum で見かけた記事について、6つめは 恐らくみなさんが興味を持っているであろう、ETS リバーサル手術の経験 というタイトルです。

Topic Title: ETS reversal experience, maybe of interest to some
恐らくみなさんが興味を持っているであろう、ETS リバーサル手術の経験

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Author: Soda
Title: ETS reversal experience, maybe of interest to some

I had my ETS in 1999.
私は 1999 年に ETS をしました。

I had the "reversal" on June 13 (2006) performed by dr Teleranta in Italy.
私は 2006 年 6 月13日にイタリアで Dr. Telaranta によってリバーサルをしました。

I can enter some notes on how things develop, if anyone is interested.


Dr. Telaranta はフィンランドのドクターですが、イタリアのメラーナという所にも拠点を持っていて、実際にイタリアで手術をした友人もいます。

Author: csmess
Title: Re: ETS reversal experience, maybe of interest to some
Hi Soda,

Welcome. We would love to hear about your experience.

The more first hand information people have, the better.


Author: Dripping Silver
Title: Re: ETS reversal experience, maybe of interest to some
Hi Soda,
Welcome to our community. Of course we're interested, please do tell us more.

What were the reasons you decided to have a reversal? Did Teleranta do your original ETS? Did he do a surnal nerve reversal or ICNG?
あなたがリバーサルを決めた理由は何ですか?Telaranta は最初の ETS 手術も執刀したんですか?ふくらはぎのリバーサルですか、それとも肋間神経移植ですか?

Any details would be very, very helpful for our members.

Thank you for offering to tell them more.


Author: Soda
Title: Re: ETS reversal experience, maybe of interest to some
Hi again,

My reason for having a "reversal". I had my ETS in 1999 for facial blushing. I began to suffer from CS (chest and back). I could handle that with clothing and anti sweat lotions.

Two years ago I started to sweat in the groin. A year ago I started to sweat on the legs. Although the legs started to sweat only in extreme conditions (high temperatures) it was annoying. I concluded that my situation was only getting worse. I started to look for treatment.

Teleranta did not do my original ETS.
Telaranta が ETS をしたのではないです。

The procedure I went through now was:

"Reconstruction of the sympathetic nerval system, with nerve transplants plus a nerve transposition with intercostal nerves. Endoscopy is used."

I have noticed several changes after the surgery. However, I am a bit cautious of sharing them since so short time has passed and I am afraid that the changes might be temporary.


Author: alvinsduckie
Title: Re: ETS reversal experience, maybe of interest to some
hey soda

thanks for joining and sharing with us

was curious--were you cut or clamped? which level (if you know)
did you have fatigue after ETS? is it any better/worse now? (taking into account it's been a recent OP for you)
ちょっと気になるんですが、、切除ですかそれともクランプだったんですか?(もし知ってたら)レベルは?ETS の後の疲労感はどうでしたか?(あなたがごく最近に手術をしたばかりということを考慮して、)今は良くなったこと、悪くなったことなんてありますか?

thanks again!!

Author: gonzalo
Title: Re: ETS reversal experience, maybe of interest to some
Hi Soda
I have the same doubt that Alvinsduckie.
私も Alvinsduckie さんと同じ疑問を持っています。

Do you know if your nerves were removed or just cut?
And now, are you able to sweat from your face or head?

Author: Soda
Title: Re: ETS reversal experience, maybe of interest to some
Thank you Csmess, Silver and Alvin!

I got a lot of information from this community before taking my decision. I read a lot of your and others comments on ETS/Reversals. For me it this is a chance to give something back. Good or bad information, whatever it may be to you.
私は決断をする前、このコミュニティでたくさんの情報を得ることができました。私は ETS についてリバーサルについて、あなたたちの、それと他のたくさんの人達のコメントを見ました。私にとって、これが元に戻る可能性だったんです。いい話もわるい話も、どんなものであったとしても。。

Now, my ETS was a cut. The irreversible one, or one of those Tx you are refering I think. The ETS was performed in Sweden 1999.
で、私の ETS は切除になります。不可逆的なものですね。T-x で表記すると思うんですがそのうちの1つです。ETS はスウェーデンで1999年にしました。

Alvin, in answer to your question regarding fatigue: I feel stronger in my upper body and arms now. It is too early to say though. I would put my statement the category "wishful thinking".
Alvin さん、疲労感のことについての質問の返事です:今私は上半身、腕の部分で強い感触があります。そう言い切るにはまだちょっと早すぎるかもしれないです。この表現には 希望的な考え も含んでいます。

I am keeping a diary from the day before the surgery so I may not forget any important event regarding changes to my medical condition.

Gonzalo: Like I stated in my second post I feel that it is too early to give my current condition. The reason for this is that my body still adapts, I have noticed, and especially since it may take a year until you can make a conclusion (at least that was what the doctor said).
Gonzalo さん:2つ目のコメントで書いたように、まだ私の現在の状況を言いきるにはちょっと早すぎると思っています。このように考える理由は私の体がまだ適用段階でにいるということが分かっています、それと結論を出すのには私は一年以上が必要だと思っているんです。(ドクターも少なくともそのくらいの期間が必要と言ってました。)

Still, I am considering writing down three events which I have experienced so far after surgery. There is one nightmare moment, one "the most depressing so far" and one hopeful.
手術を受けて以来、私が経験した3つのイベントを書き留めておこうと思います。一つは悪夢の瞬間、次は これまでにもっとも落ち込んだということ、そして、希望 です。


Author: jinnjucz110
Title: to soda!
welcome aboard, we are all glad to hear from someone like you,even if your information is limited at the time, i just had a quick question for you, you stated that you had a nerve grafted plus intercostal nerve flap , what is it that mr T did exactly do you know , did you have a sural nerve took from your ankle or was it all done with the intercostal nerve? also did you suffer from any type of pain before your reversal such as joint pain or muscle burning sensation, and if so did the reversal have any type of impact on these sideeffects? THANKS JIN

この掲示板に来てくれて、仮に今の時点では限られた範囲でしか伝えられないと言うことであっても、あなたみたいな経験を持った人から話が聞けるのがうれしいです。ちょっと簡単な質問があります。肋間神経を使った神経の移植をしたと書いてましたが、mr T(Telaranta)が行ったことを正確にあなたは知ってますか?ふくらはぎから神経を採取しましたか、あるいは肋間神経で全て行われましたか?関節痛とか筋肉の灼熱感といったようなある種の痛みはリバーサル前にあったでしょうか?もしそうだったら、リバーサルをしてこういった後遺症に対してなんらかの影響はありましたか? JIN

Author: Soda
Title: Re: to soda!

I don't know exactly what mr T did. He explained it to me the day before surgery. I did not take notes though. In the beginning of this session with the doctor I asked if they were going to carve in my leg/ankle to get a nerve.
mt T が正確にどのように行ったかまでは私は知らないです。でも彼は私に手術の前日に説明をしてくれました。けど、メモは取らなかった。そのときのドクターとのセッションの始めに、私は足とかふくらはぎから神経を取るつもりかどうかを聞きました。

I was informed that this procedure was not going to used. Instead they were going to enter from both sides of the chest (endoscopy) and get everything done from there. Hence, in answer to your question: it was "all done with the intercostal nerve".

I did not suffer from joint pain or muscle burning sensation before or after the surgery.

I can also mention that my sweat levels were measured during this session with the doctor.


Author: Leopardman45
Title: Re: to soda!
Need reversal from my ETS (cut) olmost exactly one year ago. Hungry for information on outcome. Anything is apprieciated.

Author: schaefferbox
Title: Re: ETS reversal experience, maybe of interest to some
If medication doesn't work for cs , wouldn't a reversal be worth a shot? Mine seems to be getting worse and worse over the last two years. I wonder if it is getting worse only because i am so focused on it or it just is. Don't know anymore. Soaking through my clothes right now typing on the computer. Any suggestions?


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