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Author: csmess
#6, 2007.08.22
Title: Re: there seem to be some who have gotten better from the gr

Most of those folks had their reversal surgery around the same time as I did.

 I used to personally correspond with a number of them.

There is no doubt that some people have benefited in one way or another from the surgery.

Some sweating returning to dry areas and a return of energy are two things I've heard from a several reversal patients.

The reason I'm asking you to be cautious is because you have stated that your primary hope is to reduce your CS to the point where you can enjoy summers again.

However, if you read those testimonials closely, you'll notice no one reported any substantial decrease in CS.

Some reported that the CS seemed to decrease a small amount, but not enough to make a difference in quality of life.
確かに代償性発汗が若干減ったようだとレポートしている人はいます。しかし QOL(生活の質)を改善できる十分なレベルではないとも合わせてレポートしています。

That been the line I've heard from every single nerve graft patient I have spoken with.

Anyway, I'll shut up now. I've bugged you enough and said my peace.

I wish you the best whatever you decide.

Author: csmess
#7, 2007.08.25
Title: Re: reversal
OK, so I can't shut up just yet because I noticed something odd when I followed that link Carole posted to Telaranta's website.
私が話すのはここまでって言ったんだけど、Telaranta の Web サイトに投稿されていた Carole のリンクを追いかけていたらちょっと奇妙なことを見つけたんでだまってられなかった。

One of the links is to a supposed newspaper article documenting a success story.

There were several things that struck me as odd.

First, the link isn't to an newspaper article online, but to a Microsoft Word document hosted on Telaranta's server. It's weird because if you request a copy of a newspaper article from a newspaper, they never provide it in an editable file format because it can be altered.
まず第一に、そのリンクはオンラインのニュース記事のリンクじゃなくて、Telaranta のサーバにホストされた Microsoft の Word ソフトで書かれたドキュメントでした。これは奇妙なことの一つで、新聞社にニュースの記事のコピーをお願いした時に、編集のできるファイル形式で渡すなんてことはしないはずなんです。

Next, I noticed that, although the article has a listed author (Evalena Ericsson), there are no other attributions. There is no indication where this article was published or the date of publication. All newspaper articles list the publication and date.
次に気付いたことは、記事には執筆者(Evalena Ericsson)については書かれているけれど、他のことが書かれていません。この記事が出版されたところとか出版された日付とかがないのです。すべてのニュース記事と言うのは出版社とか日付とかが書かれているものです。

Also, the article sounded a lot to me like Dr. Telaranta's voice (having read much of his writings) rather than than that of a layman journalist with no medical training.
また、記事の書かれ方が医療には素人のジャーナリストが書かれたものというよりも、Dr. Telaranta の声そのもののように見えるのです。(私は彼の書いたものもたくさん読んだから)

So, being a computer nerd at heart, I selected File->Properties from the menu and, lo and behold, the author of the document is none other than Telaranta himself. Surprise, surprise.
コンピュータおたくの気持ちでのぞくんです。[menu] から[File]→[Proparties] と選択して、注意して見ると、このドキュメントの Author は他ならぬ Telaranta 自身の名前となっているんです。あぁびっくり、びっくり。

Author: frawldog
#8, 2007.09.20
Title: Re: reversal
Hello all I had the reversal on August 29th, just 8 days after the ETS clamping.

While most of the time I am sweating.

I do have periods of dryness....after talking with my DR he has told this is a good sign that I could see a dramatic dcrease in CS.

Any thoughts on that?

Author: alvinsduckie
#9, 2007.09.20
Title: Re: reversal
hey Frawldog =)
やぁ、Frawldog. (^^)

from what other people have posted--it may take a while for your system to adjust to whats going on. you may have a lot of cs one day..and maybe not as much the next.

I hope you and daveincayman are in touch. He's in a similar situation to yours,and he's been thru some changes post-reversal.
あなたと daveincayman さんが連絡を取り合うのが良いと思います。彼はあなたと似た様な状況で、彼はリバーサル後いくらかの変化を得ているようです。

Author: RCorkum
#10, 2008.03.26
found the site tonight, thanks...anyways had the surgery 3 years ago and have been deperately seeking a reversal from my cut nerves.

well after reading this and speaking with multiple doctors.

does not seem that it is a good idea at all...

how about if the doctors informed us in the first place that these were the possible side effects...

do you think any of us would be willing to take that chance.

this surgery is horrible and should never be done.

Author: alvinsduckie
#11, 2008.03.27
hey RCorkum..welcome =)

yea, it's disheartening to think reversals arent all we hope for.

Maybe stem cells can help us, no way to know just yet.
ひょっとしたら stem cells(幹細胞)が私達を助けてくれるかもしれないが、今のところそうかどうかを知る術はないようです。

and i think many of us agree with you....this surgery shouldnt be done, at least for cosmetic purposes.

the Dr's are unable to be honest about all the side effects


Author: ChilliRedHot
#12, 2009.09.02
Dear Friend,

I did it all. Reversal is 1000000000000000000% a lie.
全くそう思うよ。リバーサルは 1000000000000000000% うそだ。


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